Based on the play ‘The arrival of devastation’ Shaher is a unique film that tries to capture the essence of our times in a cinematic time capsule.

As the society evolves rapidly, the city affects and displaces every person who in no way fit its schemata of things. The globalization of its
ways on a planetary scale uproots and upturns everything, from traditions, culture and the remotest of the people.

All the characters are rooted in their traditions and the disappearance of these traditions also means the disappearance of their world. The temple wall with its 4 by 4 space is what is left. They own it in the sense that this space has hailed them, has gathered them and their gathering and owning up of the place as their own gives the place its meaning and character and now even the small confined space is practically owned by the temple committee which they had helped form. Release from this confinement arrives in the body of Langda, a crippled beggar who offers them release and exit.


Bayaan' Is about the missing daughter of a social activist who runs a small printing press and is murdered.

It deals with the issues of Trust, Identity and Interfaith marriage.

The film highlights the problem of being human in the times of disturbing social crisis.

"The Humiliated"

The Humiliated or Machhali is about the troubled life of a Writer/filmmaker who is haunted by his past. Kumar is having panic attacks and recurring dream that haunts him every night. While undergoing psychoanalysis he is confronted with deep-rooted memories that is wreaking his married and professional life.

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