Rajiv Mudgal is a spiritual master who teaches the principles of non-duality in his works. His work are focused on helping people to find inner peace and happiness through self-inquiry and self-realisation.

His insights are inspired by the idea that the western sense of Being including the essence of Science and World have become dangerously unreliable and that the East should search the meaning and values that matter to them the most in their own Being.

His writings cover a wide range of topics related to non-duality and ethical issues arising from it, including the problem of error, wrong doing and nature of self, reality and the path to graceful life. 

His works are aimed at householders, or people who are living in the world and dealing with the challenges of everyday life.

Overall, Rajiv Mudgal's books and videos are valuable resource for anyone who is interested in learning about Advaita Vedanta and its relevance to everyday life without recourse to special forms of secret knowledge. 

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